Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Xtava - Professional Curling Iron - Spiral Hair Curler

Spiral Hair Curler ( Xtava )

.. Honestly, I've never heard of this brand before.. I'm not really into curling my hair. Although,
my mom, causins, and other friends love doing their hair and stuff. So, I figured, why not. I've only tried one of these kinds of curlers before.. ( not this exact type ). I liked how my hair looked when I was all done with that one.. so I had high expectations trying this one. If I'm gonna take the time to brush, comb, seperate, and curl.. which takes about an hour or so to do.. my hair better look amazing when Im done! - ha. I have medium length hair, not really thick, but not super thin.. and its straight! It doesnt take a curl easy.. the irons have toget really hot or my hair just comes out looking somewhat wavy.. 


Freshly washed, damp hair ( gonna dry it first). I know, it's suppose to be better if you have day old hair... I can't do dirty hair. It's gross, even one day. So, let's see how this goes... 


1.  Separate about 1 inch section of hair, using the hair clipper ( at base of curler ).

2. Guide and twist hair along curler up to your roots. Hold for 5 - 10 seconds for a soft curl, 20 seconds for a tighter curl

3. Release the hair clipper


I'd have to say, this curler might be better this shorter hair. I didnt bother trying the rest of my hair, a couple curls pretty much shows me how its going to come out. This would make good waves.. if you only want like subltle.. not all of your hair wavy. 

It left straight at the end, dont really like that. Like I said, if my hair was shorter, and not different lengths it would probably look awesome! 

My hair did get cought in the clip, didnt care for that. I loose enough hair already. I've seen a lot of other people's outcomes and it looked awesome! 

Here's how a friends, nieces hair came out after using the Xtava Curler.. 

Picture belongs to Barbara, at Cupcakes and Flip Flops! Thanks for letting me use it!! :) 
and how another friends came out...

Picture belongs to Angela at Angela's Product Reviews and Earnings! Thanks for letting me use it!! :) 

Pretty nice Curler.. Id recommend it to people looking for a spiral curler that works with short hair.
Xtava Spiral Curler is available on Amazon, they go for about $20, pretty affordable for this type of curler! It'd also make a great gift, so if you'd like to get yourself one.. or pick up a couple for gifts! You can order them here!!

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