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          Hello, My names Veronica.. Im a 20 something year old from Arizona. I'm new to this whole blogging thing. Since I've started, I got to meet a lot of other bloggers and get some critism on mine. When I stared I had no idea what I was doing, but being out of work, I needed something to do in between searching and filling out applications. I've looked at a lot of blogs and really enjoy reading them, so I decided to give it a shot. Right now Im just doing product reviews, but later on Im hoping to start writting about other things also. Just gotta find my thing first, I suppose!

   Well, besides blogging, my days filled up with lots of stuff. I spend most days at home with my furbabies! - Yes, Im one of them people. I have two, Brownie, who is a 9 yo chihuahua mix.. Ive had him since I was 16! He's such a little charactor, always happy, acts like a puppy! He is blind, has been partially blind since he was a pup - just in the past few years lost all vision -, I saved him from a life of living outdoor with other dogs ( much larger them him ), being yelled at, kicked, ect. He went from that to a spoiled, does whatever he wants and no one says anything, happy, healthy dog! :)

      I also have, Charlie - she's a girl dog, people get so confused because of her name. She was one of a litter of nine my brothers dog had. She's a 3 yo, pitbull - lab mix. Just an awesome dog. She's a perfect example of what a pitbull can become with the right people , training , and love. She does have her moments, she's very protective and doesnt like strangers. Most dogs are like that though. She's so layed back and calm I forget shes in the house sometimes.

These two are my life. They put smiles on my face everyday one way or another. I love talking about them. I talk about them like others talk about their children. 


 Well, the rest of my days, are spent doing crafty stuff, I love to crotchet and make stuff.. Ive recently started making tutus, and dog coats. Mostly for mine but Ive made some for friends pets too. I also like looking for and trying new recipies, cooking is my best thing, Im really good at it and people love it so I like to do that alot! I cook for my family just about every night, which is fun to do and gives my mom a break since she works most days. Another thing is freebies, it started out just something to do in my spare time, but know I take out time just to do it, its became an obsession! lol Im always looking for and signing up for stuff. I love trying new products, especially beauty products and pet products. Id really love to get to review more pet related things, might have to look into that later on! 

Well, know that you know ther person behind Pandahh Report, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find it somewhat imformative! :) If theres anything youd like me to review or post about just let me know. Always open to new and differant ideas! 

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  1. You have beautiful dogs girl! We also own a pit bull and she is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet!!! I think i have the same obsession as your self, i am always on the hunt for freebies! Good luck and you blog looks great!!! Love the Pandas