Monday, January 19, 2015

Jeff Gunhus " Killer Within " an Allison McNeil Thriller

Killer Within - Review

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The book Killer Wthin is a wonderful and exciting read. i had trouble stopping but the end of the book satisfied my curiousity. it also left me happy to see an exciting ending that is not a cliff hanger. even though its not a cliff hanger it left enough room to make you think about what happens after. such as if she made it back to shore and was saved? but all throughout this book it showed inpecable and amzing detail.

A little about the book: 

The main charactor the killer is Arnie Milhouse in his words "never considered himself much of a hero" and i believe this to be a very true statement. this book talks about his story going threw detail what he has done. ending with an amzing struggle with one of his victims. Allison was scared and hiding at the beginning of the last chapter. armed with a flare gunshe is ready to do what it takes to live. this includes killing Arnie. but while loading the flare the shell slips and rolls down the hall. Headed directly toward Arnie. but coming to an end where allison shot of the flare sending it directly into Arnies mouth setting his head on fire. it then leads to explain in gruesom detail the efffects this had  Arnies head. and allison being the victor and surviving her deathly incounter with him.

So if your looking for a new book to read, I would recommend this one! It available on Amazon
costing $2.99 for downloading on kindle, and the paperback version, which I prefer myself is available from $9.49 and up. 


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