Friday, January 2, 2015

DogPlus Hip and Joint Supplement

(Dog) Hip and Joint Supplement

I've been wanting to get some of these types of supplements for my dog, he's going to be
10 next month and Ive noticed for a while he's been getting slower.. he likes to sit in the sun even when it's warm ( to me ). So Im assuming his joints are starting to get.. stiff? Age..

Anyhow, he has a pretty sensitive stomach so I was a little worried giving him these,
I didnt want him to get sick or anything.. but it didnt cause any of it.. he weight 12 - 14 lb, it says I can give him 2.. I started him with one a day though.. just to be safe.. and increased it to two after a week or so. So far they seem to be helpin, he's got a bit more energy.. he's been running more.. jumping, like he use to!

A little more about them:

  • Our Proprietary Berry Blend has 5 additional benefits: anti-oxidants help fight cancer and disease; anthocyanins and bioflavonoids help relieve arthritic pain; flavonoids, isoqueritrin and queritrin help relieve stress and prevent premature ageing; antioxidant melatonin improve circadian rhythms and sleep patterns.

Directions for use:

Maintenance daily dosage -
0-10lbs : 1/2 tablet
11-39 : 1
40-79 : 1.5
80+ : 2

First 3 weeks Suggested daily dosage -
0-10 : 1 tablet
11-39 : 2
40-79 : 3
80+ : 4

Could your dog use these? They work great for mine, Id recommend! These are available on Amazon and sale for $19.97 for a bottle of 60 tablets! Buy Here!


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