Monday, January 5, 2015

Yalmeh - Foundation Brush

Foundation Brush

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So, we all wear make up right.. ( just say yes ). We all are always looking for a great brush/brush 
set, right. Yalmeh makes these wonderful brushes.. I got to try the foundation brush, which is so much easier them using my fingers or a sponge.. it doesnt just soak up my make up.. I actully get some on my face.. evenly too. I really like this brush, since first opening it it was soft not stiff like others I've had. 

Yalmeh's foundation brush is great for all over application ( around eyes, nose, mouth, ect ).
The flat tapered brush is designed for flawless, even coverage and a natural looking finish. This brush works with all types of foundations! 

It's made from Top Grade Synthetic Fiber Material for long lasting use ( wont shed for as long as used ). Its hypoallergenic, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Easy to clean, and is made with a wooden handle. 

These would make great gifts for a friend/relative! So if your interested or looking fora new 
brush, these sale on Amazon for about $12. Purchase Here!


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