Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Precision Grooming Set ( Majestic Bombay )

Grooming Set

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I love this set.. its small, compact, and nice looking. It easly fits in a purse or bag. I know, Im not the only one that has that random time away from home and need a pair of tweezers or cuticle clippers because I get a hang nail or something. I hate those, usually I end up chewing my nail because I never have anything like this with me.  Very handy set. I love the color and the case. 

These sets would make awesome gifts, or if your the creative type it would make a great addition to a gift basket for birthdays, holidays, or just because. 

This set comes in a cool titanium blue color and contains 4 pieces. 3 tweezers ( pointed, straight, and slanted tipped ) and a pair of  sharp nail scissors, and of course the case. 

Right now theres a coupon on Amazon if you buy one or more qualifying Majestic Bombay items and use the code LP3GFATD you can get $5 off! ( not sure how long this code is going to be good for ). 

A little more about this set:

  • OUTRIGHT HIGHEST QUALITY! - Never deal with low quality tweezers again! Our stainless steel professional tweezers have perfect alignment and will never rust. Grip any hair, from baby fine to coarse, the VERY first time
  • PERFECT FOR DELICATE AREAS!! - Avoid skin damage! The extreme precision and sharpness of our splinter tweezers can remove ingrown hairs and splinters without major skin damage for quicker healing.
  • PROTECT YOUR TWEEZER SET WITH OUR LEATHER CASE! - Our high quality protective faux leather case is great for protection, storage and travel.
  • Make a one-time investment in our Four Piece set of professional tweezers and you will never go back to a cheap store brand.
  • Makes A Beautiful Gift Either For Yourself Or For A Friend .

This set is available on Amazon, and sales for $15.25! Purchase Here!


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