Monday, January 5, 2015

The Ultimate Travel Pillow

AirComfy Travel Pillow

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Going on a trip? Plan on flying anytime soon? You'll need one of these.. and maybe a couple
for the backseat people. These awesome little pillows come with their own travel case, so no random pillows floating around the car, getting lost under seats, ect.

 They're easy to use and store. Just take it out air it up to whatever firmness you like close the cap
and you got yourself a neat little pillow, another feature.. the strap on the back.. you can put that over the head rest on your seat and the pillow stays put. 

Any person that travels needs atleast one good travel pillow, this would make that pillow! 

This pillow is ideal for neck, back and lumbar support! When you order theirs a 30 day money 
back guarantee, so if your get it and dont like it.. just send it back and get a full refund! 

These pillows sale on Amazon for about $25 a piece, which is a pretty good price for this adjustable, 
compact, travel easy piece! 


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