Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lovely Lashes - Eye Lash Curler

Eye Lash Curler

I've had and have a lot of eye lash curlers.. 
some work great.. some I want to throw in the makers face. Cause its pinches, pulled my lashes no matter how I use it. 

Lovely Lashes Eye Lash curler is a good one. 
One of a few I use on a regular basis. It's works for all lengths of lashes, with no pinching/ tugging and Ive gotten a perfect curles lash every time I've used this one. 

This curler comes with one extra pad. I would of like it better if it came with a few extras.. but eh, I probably have some that fit it. So it works. 

This one is sold on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price, compared to some. Less them $11 for this awesome curler. These would make awesome gifts for your friends or girls in your family, too! :)


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