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Brightening Facial Scrub , Leave - In Conditioner , and Oil Control Facial Moisturizer

I just heard of Acure Organics a few months back while their Party With a Purpose was going
on.. I started looking into and purchasing a few products here and there to try. I LOVE this company, all their products are clean and good for us. By clean I mean they're vegan, sulfate free, paraban free, gluten free, PEG free, silicone free, and cruelty free!! They are also 100% biodegradable so there good for the environment too! Awesome stuff, great company. All the communication I've had with their customer service had been amazing, there so helpful and nice. Very professional. Well, they were nice enough to send me a few products to try.. I was so excited to get these! ( Their shipping is really fast too, by the way!! ). 

Acure Organics is a family owned and operated company. Founded on sustainable principles to proved the highest quality fair trade, natural and certified personal care products... (read more)

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The Oil Control Facial Moisturizer, I was sent this because I told them I have a problem with really oily skin, like within a few hours of cleansing and scrubbing my face, especially my forehead and chin are super oily! Gross!!

This moisturizers is easily absorbed, it improves texture and tone, minimizes fine lines and helps prevent breakouts. It contains Lilac Stem Cells, which are proven to balance and heal blemishes, while Chlorella Growth Factor helps rejuvenate damaged skin cells. You can use it day or night after toner.

I've just started using this moisturizer a few days ago, it smells nice and it does absorb quickly, leaving no oily or weird feeling skin like some lotions I've tried do. So far this is a keeper! Well worth the price! Now, this Oil Control facial Moisturizer is sold in 1.75 oz size and sales for $18.99 on their site, here!

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This is their brightening facial scrub, I love scrubs, their goof for oily, ance prone skin. Acure's is made differant though, their not as harse on our skin as most. All the ingrediants are organic. This scrub gently removes dirt and oil with nourishing exfoliation, it feeds and restore cells, stimulates new cell growth with 1% Chlorella Growth Factor, brightens complextion, its also great for all skin types! 

I've been using this facial scrub for a while now, I was given a bottle by a friend and have been using it since. So I was pretty excited getting this from them to try and share about it with ya'll. I love the smell and how it makes my skin feel. It doesnt make it feel tight and dry like the usual scrub I ( use to ) buy at the store does. After using Acures Brightening Facial Scrub I tossed out all my other scrubs. Im totally loving this product and recommend it to anyone that uses scrubs! This scrub is sold in a 4  oz size, this will last a long while. You only need a little and it'll wash your whole face and neck. It usually sales for $14.99 , but I'm seeing on their site its on sale right now for $7.50! .. AMAZING DISCOUNT. 50% off. Guess who's going to be stocking up! Buy the Brightening Scrub, here!

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This is their Leave - In Conditioner, it has Argan Oil and Argan stem cell. It's an ultra hydrating leave in powered by Moroccan Argan Oil and Argan Stem Cell, designed to protect hait at the cellular level. Argan stem cells help strengthen the root bulb whil argan oil provides body and shine to each hair follicle. It can be sprayed in for and all day weightless moisture and protection that makes our hair managable and moisturized.

Love this stuff, I don't have really dry hair but it does get frizzy after a while. Especially the ends and by my forehead on the sides.. " baby hair " is what I've always been told it is. Anyway, I like to use leave in's cause it helps my hair look smooth and neat all day, without making it look gross and oily. I use it every day. After shampooing/conditioning. I spray it in and brush it through, it also makes brushing easier cause my hair tangles easy, usually when Im brushing it I lose quit a bit of hair :( .. but since using this spray everyday for a while Ive noticed a differance, Im not losing as much, which is awesome. I dont wanna be bald at 30. hah! :) Anyhow, this comes in a 4 oz spray bottle and sales on their site for $9.99. Buy it here!

 Acure Organics ships via UPS, and as their site says they have FREE ground shipping on all orders! ( Woo, free shipping!! ). Their costumer service is really helpful, you can call and tell them any skin/hair concerns you have and they'll recommend products for you. ( as they did me ). Their site is really easy to use and set up nicely. I was able to find things so easily and navigate through it without a problem. 

DISCLAIMER: I was sent one or more of the products above free in exchange for honest and unbiased review. All opinions and experiances are my own. I do not recommend products unless I think they will be good for my readers. 

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