Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adovia - Moisturizing Day Cream

Moisturizing Day Cream

Adovia is a great brand/company, Ive tried many of their products. Cant pick a favorite. HA. 
Most recently I was given this Day Cream to try out. Im not really into putting lotion on my face. My skins oily to begin with. When I tried this I was so suprised, it was easy to rub in and it absorbed quickly, wasnt greasy at all. This ones for all skin types so all of you can use it too! :) It smells pretty nice to so I dont mind using it either! Its thick so you dont have to worry about spilling or running while putting it on. A little of this goes a long way. I just put a dot on my hand rub together and rub all over my face and neck every morning after washing/scrubbing. You can put this under make up, if you wear it too. The container does also say its a ideal base for make up, so yay for yall make up wearers'. 

I ordered mine on Amazon, so if you would like to get some for yourself or for someone else as a gift ( I bet people would love this! ).. you can do that here! :)

Some extra info on Adovia! Its a unique skin care line that combines natural ingrediants with modern science to formulate a effective blend of minerals and finest herbal ingrediants nature has to offer. There products are mineral based, to restore our skins natural balance. Visisbly making skin smoother, healthier and younger looking! This moisturizing day cream is made with dead sea minerals, ale vera, and chamomile! Some great moistuizers :)

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