Friday, September 12, 2014

InstaNatural - Deep Cleansing Facial Oil

Deep Clean Facial Oil & Pure Rosehip Seed Oil

I've never tried this type of face cleasner. I have oily/dry ( around nose ) skin. So I like to stick to scrubs, and masks for cleansing my face. I've been looking at Oil facial cleansers for a while ( since I seen one on a site I really like ) but they can be pretty pricey. So when I was given the opportunity to try this one out, which is from InstaNaural ( a really awesome company, who Ive tried a few other products they make as well ). I jumped at it. I was sent a 4 oz bottle, that will last a while, to try. :) It says its a Gentle and Reviving skin and pore purifier! 

" Instanatural's Deep Cleansing Facial Oil contains the perfect blend of ingrdiants that melt away dirt, impurities, and makeup. This inergizing blend of oils will gently clean your pores and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and mourished. " 

Sounds good to me. Since I havent washed my face today, I thought I'd go ahead and try this. So.. ya'll are going to get my first impression of this product! :) Before and after is posted below. 

I got as up-close as I could, so ya'll could see the differance. 

Soo, my first impressions.. It took a few pumps to get the cleaner to spray out in my hands.. It looks like oil - lol - I did as the directions said and wiped it onto my face, I then used a konjac sponge ( my favorite new type for cleaning my face, Ill post a link to where you can get that later on ). I rubbed it in to cleanse, but unlike the directions I attempted to use cool water to rinse it off.. dont do that.. - lol - use warm water to rinse and then pat dry. I wasnt really sure I got it all off because my skin felt really smooth so I rinsed it for a good 3 - 4 minutes with warm water. Then dried. My face feels really smooth and clean now, not oily at all! Im surprised. It only takes a little ( I used 2 sprays ) to do my whole face. So this bottle will last me a while! :) Deffinatly worth the price to me! I love how my face feels now! :) Oh, and it smells good too! Another suprise to me.. I've tried alot of face cleansers before and most smell not good at all! 

It has some really good moisturizers in it, including jojoba oil, and olive oil. 

I would definitely recommend this so people that are looking for a good, affordable moisturizinf facial cleanser! :) ( it also works good when removing make up, so it says, Im not a big make up wearer so Ill have to test that out later one ). 

If got my bottle from Amazon, if you would like to get one and try out this awesome facial cleanser you can do that here!! 

Oh, and the link for the konjac sponge, these are really great! You should definitely get one and try it out! > click here < 

InstaNaturals 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil

Is multipurpose! I love multipurpose products. ha! You can buy one thing and use it for so many instead of buying a bunch of other things. Alright Rosehip oil can be used for hair, skin , and nails. Its a good moisturizer, it helps deminish scars & stretch marks. I mean, come on.. almost all of us has a few stretch marks. If you dont.. I hate you. Kidding. Anyway, I'm going to test this out on my nails.. I have really dry nails and since I took of my nail polish ( I used a new remover, and it dried out the skin around my nails and it just looks gross ). So here we go.. before and afters! :) 

See how dry my nail looked before. That was from taking polish off with a differant kind of remover then I usually use. Eugh. Now there all shiny and nice looking. :) My hands are pretty soft now too! I love it! Instanatural you havent failed me yet! :) 

Some additional info about Instanaturals Rosehip Seed Oil, its 100% Pure, natural, organic! Fast absorbing ( doesnt leave your skin feeling oily ) & frangrance free! Chemical & Preservative free too! It's also cold pressed. :) It has many healing properties, it can reduce the apperance of wrinkles, age spots ( them little brown spots people get as they age, I didnt actuallt know it helped those, my mom has them all over the tops of her feet.. she hates wearing sandles becasue of it.. might have to get her a bottle to try out too! (: ). It also hydrates skin and revives the natural color and tone to give the skin a fresh and healthy look! Awesome. Gonna have to try this on my face, I have some darker spots/scars on the side.. darn acne when I was younger! 

I also got this from Amazon, if you wanna get one, which I hope you do ;) Its a really good product and works! :) ( just look at my nails!) .. You can just go here and get that!! 

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