Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Argan Oil

Uni 100% Pure From Morocco Argan Oil

So, I just discoverd Argan Oil, Ive tried a few differant brands and they each have some differances!
This one, is a little thinner compared to the other, but I like it. Argan oil is good for you hair, skin, and body. You can use it as a moisturizer on your skin, to treat split ends in your hair, to condition cuticals, a bath oil, to sooth rough patches of skin on elbows, knees, and feet. Its an all around awesom product. I recommend it to everyone! Its for all skin and hair types, so dont think ohh my hairs already oily I cant use it. YES you can! After washing apply a few drops to your hands, rub and rub through your hair, avoiding roots!.  This is how I do every time after washing! It helps calm the frizzies too! Which is awesome. My hair gets so frizzie after washing it and drying! Not no more! :) 

This brand, UNI is imported from Morocco, the iingredientsare organic and natural Argania Spinosa Kernel oil, it also contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Its got the lowest free acidity rate on the market! Zero defects and lowest peroxide level. USDA Organic Certified by IMC. Pure, non diluted with no additives or preservatives. Low UFA. Its shelf life is 36 months, which is awesome because this 2 oz bottle will last a while if used regularly! 

I love this stuff, and Im sure anyone who tries it will too! :) I got my bottle on Amazon, if you'd like to get one to try, you can get it here

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