Monday, September 8, 2014

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Green Tea Powder

I really like green tea so I was pretty excited to get to try this! :) .. Wasnt really knowing what to expect, I've never seen or tried green tea powder before. Well opening it I lost a little enthusiasm. It has kind of a strong smell. I've only tried it one way since I got it but you can use it for a few differant things, including baking.. which I'd really like to try. :) I've been dissolving a little each morning and adding it to my shakes! I really prefer it this way. But when you order you'll get emailed a recipie book as well, so you'll get to try it which ever way you'd like! 

It's said to give you energy, help your focus, calorie burning booster - help suppor your weight loss goals with an all natural way to increase your metabilism! 

It can only be used in powder form because unlike brewed green tea, Organic Match contains the whole tea leaf! This stuff should be kept sealed to keep fresh. I keep mine in the freezer. 

I orderd my bag from Amazon, If you would like to get some to try out and see how it does for you you can get that here!

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