Friday, September 26, 2014

Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Treats for Dogs

my personal picture, no coping/barrowing.

So, my two dogs.. Charlie and Brownie, absolutely love these treats! Usually I make them
treats my self. Safer these days then buying from a store, im my opinion, considering all the recalls and what not. I do sometimes buy them though, but I have very high standards for treats when buying. They have to be made in America, meats the main/first ingrediant, and the fewer ingrediants the better. No grains, corn, additives are a plus too.. and nothing from Beneful - Purina. ( thats another story though ). Anyways, when I got these Charlie was the first to get to try them, she can be very demanding when she smells somthing she likes, and when I opened the bag this was her - see picture -. HA. I gave her one.. broke it and gave to her in pieces, she ate it with just as much enthusiasm as she had when she smelled them. She LOVED, these Rocco & Roxie treats, which is suprising, shes very picky about treats/food. Charlie gives these a thumbs up! Now on the the other two dogs.....

Brownie, my 9 year old chihuahua mix was second, to get to try these. For him they need 
to be broken into small pieces. They come in 7" sticks. I'd say for medium/large dogs. Either way, he loves them, he perfers crunchy treats, so I wasnt sure.. but he ate these right up, and wanted more! He loves food and snack time. They were a little harder for him to eat, cause the size, so if you have small dogs and want to try these I'd break them up for them! :) - I'd say Brownie gives them a thumbs up too! One more... 

George, my moms 1 yo chihuahua.. he didn't care for them.. as you can see theres two of use
trying to get him to take one. He's even pickier then Charlie though, except he wont spit food out like she does -HA. He just wont touch it. He smelled and licked these treats.. then I broke one and gave him a small piece thinking maybe it was just to big.. but nope. Two out of three aint bad. Picky dogs. HA.

Rocco & Roxie Jerky treats are slow roasted and naturally smoked, they come in three flavors beef, chichen, and turkey. They all are 7" tender, sticks. Theres NO wheat, soy, corn or gluten! - Awesome. They are made here in USA in small batches, using high quality meat, theyre slow smoked for 15 hours. They come in 16oz bags.

I ordered my bag from Amazon, if you'd like to get a bag for your furry family members ( im sure they will love these, mine did! ) you can get that here!!


DISCLAIMER:  All opinions are my own, and the reactions of my very own pets. Please do not copy and barrow pictures! I was able to get this product at a discount using in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I don't recommend anything that I don't think would be good for my readers!

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